24 Mar 2013

Britain's historic peace bookshop Housmans has published it's first ever e-book.

Historic peace bookshop publishes first ever e-book 
Britain's historic peace bookshop Housmans has published it's first ever e-book.  

Downloaded by more than 1000 people in the first week after it's online launch, You Can’t Evictan Idea is a first-hand account of the Occupy movement, including an assessment of the impacts, and an argument about what can be learnt. It was written while the author Tim Gee was touring with his first book Counterpower (New Internationalist, 2011). 

The publisher - a founder member of the Alliance of Radical Booksellers - has taken steps to ensure the limited edition printed version is sold exclusively by radical bookstores rather than corporate giants such as Amazon. 

The e-book is available to download for free or as a physical book from the Housmans website [www.housmans.com/occupy.php].


From 1 April, print copies of You Can't Evict an Idea will be available from Bluestockings (New York), Big Idea (Pittsburgh), Word Power (Edinburgh), Radish (Leeds), People's Bookshop(Durham), and Freedom, Friends House, Bookmarks and Newham Books in London. It is also available to order online or buy in person from Housmans [www.housmans.com/occupy.php]  

For information on the Alliance of Radical Booksellers please visithttp://www.radicalbooksellers.co.uk/ , email nik@housmans.com or call 020 7837 4473

For information on the author's first book Counterpower please visitwww.newint.org/counterpower 

For a review copy please email counterpowerbook@gmail.com 

To speak to the author, please email timothysimongee@gmail.com  

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