24 Apr 2006

Dr Wall's Diary

Well busy, busy, busy...this morning off to Headcorn primary school to see Cllr Penny Kemp give the school its own worm bin, Penny is fighting a two horse race against the Conservatives to win a borough council seat, this was in her parish capacity.

Saturday made neetle soup with my three sons, planted the carrots and did a bit of weeding, found lots of manure plus about 50 plant pots that were being thrown out. Dr who of course...

Off to Zen in a minute.

Lots more electioneering to come.

Nandor is running for co-leader of New Zealand Greens, sadly the MCB may have committed U turn and returned to homophobic policies, although I am not sure how reliable the comments in the sunday papers were.

Well tomorrow lots of economics teaching as usual!

Whole host of meetings coming up, debating with Adam Buick of the Socialist Party GB at Kingston Green fair, monday late May bank holiday and speaking to Climate Change conference, Brighton and Norwich Green Parties.

Heard good and interesting things about tonights Green Party political...Alex Cos who did Repo Man always puts together a good PPB...will probably be staring at a wall when it goes out!

yours for ecosocialismo Derek!


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