15 Sep 2006

Venezuela Embassy event in London

The US helped by Blair are keen to destablise the Chavez government in Venezuela. The US has removed numerous Latin American governments, with literally millions killed if you add up Chile 11th September, 1973, various coups in Guatamala, the contra war in Nicaragua.

Coming soon the Greg Grandin interview on Empire's Workshop his new book on US policy in Latin America.

Here is a great speech by Chavez on the dangers of global warming and the great car economy

The US have a big soft propaganda war going against Chavez calling him a dictator, a showman, depressing that the Guardian and Independent echo this press coverage of Venezuela yesterday.

Chavez is only as good or as bad as popular participation in Venezuela, Venezuela is corupt, crime ridden, chaotic and polluted...however for the first time you have a government which represents the poor in the barrios, that is looking to a 21st socialism based on workers control, ecology and justice for women.

No wonder Bush and for that matter Hilary Clinton want the country to go back to its elite rulers.

Opposition to US intervention is a very important political task. So please join the Venezuela Information Centre and learn more at events such as the one below.

Venezuelan activists tour & film premiere

As the revolutionary movement seeks re-election for President Hugo Ch?vez
in December, US dollars flow into Venezuela to try and get him out. Two
activists who have been organising to change our world will tour Europe and
tell us what is going on in Venezuela, explaining why the president is such
a popular leader.

Saturday 7 October 2-6pm
Session one:Film premiere: Journey with the Revolution (Spanish/English with
subtitles). An informative and lively journey with the midwives, housewives,
gay and disability activists, nurses, doctors, teachers and others running
the health clinics, the soup kitchens, the land committees, the education
programmes, the Women's Development Bank which are transforming Venezuela.
Features Sharmini Peries, President Ch?vez's Adviser on International
Directed by Nina Lopez; a Global Women's Strike production
Session two: Women & the Bolivarian revolution. Discussion led by Venezuelan
organisers Juanita Romero, point of reference for the Los Teques Land Committee
and a co-ordinator of the new Neighbourhood Mothers mission (through which
some of those with least are getting financial recognition for their caring
work) and Gast?n Murat, trade unionist from the Fuerza Bolivariana de
Both are featured in the film. All Venezuela solidarity groups are invited
to comment on Women and the Revolution. Spanish/English with interpretation

Bol?var Hall, Venezuelan Embassy, 54 Grafton Way, London W1. Warren St Tube
station. Access: Sorry: hall not wheelchair accessible but call in advance
for help.

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