13 Sep 2006

News from planet corporate

See you all later in Cambridge for my book signing !

I read in this month's excellent New Internationalist magazine that toddlers are aware on average of over a 100 brands. We live on a planet run by and for corporations, no wonder conspiracy theories are popular..people whould feel much safer on a planet under the steady hand of the Lizards, illuminati or freemason.

The government here are thinking of making bikes without bells illegal and bringing in registration for cyclists with may be number plates.

Global warming is second to dangerous two wheel drivers apparently and we are told to plant new gardens and even gain from the heating earth.

September 11th hottest september day since 1948.

here are some current campaigns, Green Left are circulating Solidarities appeal

Matt Sellwood writes,
Dear all,

I wonder if I could ask you for a favour. Below is a solidarity 'sign
on' letter, supporting a guy I used to go to University with and former
NUS activist, who has been suspended from work for organising a protest
against Tony Blair (you may have seen it, it got on the news).

I think he deserves support, and it really would be very helpful if you
could see your way to sending your email signature to them. He is a good
guy, and doesn't deserve to lose his job for expressing opposition to
trust schools/the war....

If you'd like to see who else has already signed on, check out
http://www.workersliberty.org/node/6909. Signatories include union
leaders, John McDonnell MP etc.

Best wishes, and hope you are all well,

Matt Sellwood

Sain Berry is organising a Green Party action at Faslane...>PRACTISE RUN AT HOVE
>We're getting very close to our ''practise run'' at Hove conference now.
>The NVDA training fringe, which will be followed by the rehearsal on the
>beach, will be at 1pm on Saturday 23rd, and I hope you can all make it to
>that. Other fringes clash but not much else. You can see the draft
>timetable here:
>If you want to see an 'artist's' impression of what we hope to be doing
>outside the base, and at the rehearsal at conference, I've posted it up on
>the server for another website of mine here:

Here is some Caroline action!

>From the office of South-East England’s Green MEP Caroline Lucas

September 12th,

Photocall… Media Invitation… Photocall… Media Invitation …


Event: Euro-MP joins protest outside Brighton arms manufacturer
Place: Home Farm, Moulescoombe, Brighton
Time: Wednesday, September 13th, 4.30pm

GREEN Party Euro-MP Caroline Lucas will join a demonstration outside the
Brighton factory of arms manufacturer EDO-MDM tomorrow before speaking at a
public meeting organised by Sussex Action for Peace in the city.

Dr Lucas will take part in the weekly protest organized by SmashEDO, a local
peace group campaigning for the factory to stop manufacturing weapons
components or leave Brighton and Hove, a UN Peace Messenger City.

The South-East England MEP, who is also a member of the national council of
the Campaign for nuclear Disarmament and co-founder and co-president of the
European parliament’ cross-party peace initiatives group, said: “EDO-MDM
make components for weapons used by the Israeli military to attack the
civilian populations of Lebanon and Gaza – and for guided bombs used in

“Violent conflict and the deaths of thousands of civilians in the Middle
East is being made possible by a weapons factory in Brighton and Hove – and
it beggars belief that this deadly trade is being pursued here, in a UN
Peace Messenger City.

“What hope can there be of an end to the violence when these agents of death
are being built in a city which has become a global symbol of peace?

“EDO-MDM must cease making bombs in Brighton and Hove – and concentrate on
its non-military engineering work – in the interests of peace in the Middle
East and preventing war crimes and human rights abuses at the hands of US
and Israeli forces.”

Dr Lucas will be meeting demonstrators, local peace activists and Green
Party councillor Keith Taylor, Brighton and Hove’s UN Peace Messenger City
envoy – and will be available for interview / photographs at 4.30pm.

A spokesperson for SmashEDO said: “We have been campaigning for three years
for EDO MBM to cease its military production. It is abominable that in a UN
Peace Messenger City weapons are being supplied to rogue states like Israel
who use them to commit war crimes against the civilian populations of Gaza
and Lebanon.

”Smash EDO will be marching to Brighton Town Hall on Saturday 16th September
to hand in a petition to calling for the council to condemn EDO MBM's bloody
business. The march leaves the level at 12 noon.”

After the demonstration, Dr Lucas will address a public meeting organised by
Sussex Action for Peace at the Royal Albion Hill, Old Steine, Brighton.

The event, which starts at 7.30pm and is entitled ‘Time to Go: Blair out,
Troops out of Iraq, Don't attack Iran’ is part of a nationwide speakers tour
calling on Tony Blair to resign. Chris Nineham from Stop the War will also
be speaking.

“The Labour Party is in turmoil over Blair’s leadership, not least because
of the crimes against humanity his administration has presided over in Iraq,
Afghanistan, Lebanon and around the world,” Dr Lucas added.

“Blair – and those in his Government guilty of backing his war-mongering
policies - should be forced from public office in shame and made to answer
for theses crimes against international law.”

“Tens of thousands have died around the world as a direct result of this
Government’s military misadventures and complicity with those of, amongst
others, Israel and the US, and justice can only be served by pulling the
troops of Iraq and forcing those responsible for ordering them there in the
first place from Downing Street into a court where they can be tried for
their actions.”

The meeting is free, open to all, and promises to a lively debate about how
to make the world – and Brighton – a more peaceful place.


Note to Editors

EDO MDM’s military products include bomb racks, release clips and arming
mechanisms for warplanes. The firm has contracts with the MOD and US arms
giant Raytheon relating to the Paveway bomb system used in the invasion of
Iraq. They are a wholly-owned trading unit of EDO Corp, a US-based arms

For more information please contact Ben on 01273 671946, 07973 823358 or


Ben Duncan
Media Officer to Caroline Lucas MEP
01273 671946 (office)
07973 823358 (mobile)

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