6 Aug 2009

Greenpeace Wipes It's Soft, Virgin Butt with Canada's Ancient Boreal Forests

I am generally supportive of Greenpeace but Glen Barry is critical of their forest policy in Canada, always worth having a read of his stuff....

Greenpeace Wipes It's Soft, Virgin Butt with Canada's Ancient Boreal Forests

- Against what ecological science tells us is required for global and regional ecological sustainability, Greenpeace Canada endorses continued clearcut of ancient boreal forests for paper products including toilet paper. Nothing to change as ancient boreal forests continues to be clearcut to wipe bottoms, albeit certified by FSC and Greenpeace as "well-managed".

August 6, 2009
By Earth's Newsdesk, a project of Ecological Internet (EI)
CONTACT: Dr. Glen Barry, glenbarry[at} ecologicalinternet.org

Ecological Internet vigorously condemns Greenpeace Canada's greenwash endorsement of continued Canadian ancient boreal forest logging to make throw away paper items, including toilet paper. Yesterday Greenpeace announced a premature end to its "Kleercut" campaign against Kimberly-Clark Corporation, the maker of Kleenex, Scott and Cottonelle brand paper products, boldly proclaiming "today, ancient forests like the Boreal Forest have won."

Greenpeace's long-standing campaign against "ancient forest crimes" by Kimberly-Clark was suspended on the basis of promises that 40% of its North American tissue fiber will be either recycled or FSC certified by 2011. The company traditionally has used 3 million tones of virgin fibre a year, which will fall to 2.4 million tons if they are successful. This atrociously weak target will legitimize continued destruction of Canada's ancient forest ecosystems for throw away paper products for decades.

"In a world well past its carrying capacity, facing abrupt climate change and species and ecosystem collapse, we call upon Greenpeace to immediately disclose the ecological science that suggests primary and old growth forests can and should continue to be clearcut to wipe our asses," questions Dr. Glen Barry. "It is just like Greenpeace to half carry out a campaign, achieve partial success, claim victory and move onto a more telegenic protest opportunity to fill their coffers."

Ecological Internet calls upon Greenpeace to embrace substance over style (for a change) and immediately disassociate itself from the Forest Stewardship Council's ongoing certification of first time industrial logging of primary forests as being "well-managed" while implying sustainability.

"No one including Greenpeace can tell us how many tens of millions of hectares of primeval forest ecosystems are being destroyed under FSC's certification label for, amongst other things, toilet paper and lawn furniture. Until Greenpeace and friends stop greenwashing FSC ancient forest logging, we call upon committed forest protectors to resign their membership from Greenpeace and other ancient forest logging apologists, and to stop using virgin toilet paper, no matter how sensitive their behinds," explains Dr. Barry.

It is up to us to continue the Kleercut campaign until primary forest logging ends. This places Greenpeace in strong contention for the upcoming "Forest Greenwash" of the year award.

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The Canadian Boreal Forest is North America’s largest old growth forest, and contains 25% of the world's remaining intact ancient forests. It provides habitat for threatened wildlife such as woodland caribou and a sanctuary for more than one billion migratory birds. It is also the largest terrestrial storehouse of carbon on the planet, storing the equivalent of 27 years worth of global greenhouse gas emissions.

In March 2005, Greenpeace stated: "It is an environmental crime that Kimberly-Clark, through its Kleenex toilet paper, facial tissue and napkins, is causing the destruction of one of the planet's remaining ancient forests," said Richard Brooks, Greenpeace Forests Campaigner. "Shoppers need to know that when they choose Kleenex brand products they are participating in the destruction of the Boreal forest, a natural heritage of all Canadians."

"We are calling on store managers to return this evidence of ancient forest crimes to Kimberly-Clark, the makers of Kleenex brand tissue products," added Brooks. "If consumers knew that ancient forests in Northern Ontario were being clearcut to create disposable products that are used once, and then simply thrown away or flushed down the toilet, they would be horrified."

Under the announcement made by Greenpeace, such activities will continue, albeit in a manner certified as "well-managed" by FSC. There is no such thing as ecologically sustainable or even mildly beneficial first time industrial primary forest logging, and Greenpeace should be ashamed of itself for legitimizing the trade. If you support Greenpeace, you support ancient forest logging that endangers our shared being.

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