6 Aug 2009

Vote for Tracy

Derek Wall, former Principal Speaker

“Working with Tracy has been a real pleasure, she is a dedicated individual with an impressive commitment to the Green Party and green politics. I believe her work over the last year has improved the Party’s media work considerably and has put us firmly on course for our best General Election result ever.

“I particularly appreciate the press work she has done in support of vital campaign issues such as the war in Gaza, indigenous peoples support, Latin America solidarity and most recently the Vestas campaign on the Isle of Wight.

“Tracy is pleased to follow up media ideas that members have and works in an open and flexible way. I will be voting for her again this year and look forward to working with her in the future. Please support her, she has already raised the game as far as our media strategy is concerned and it would be a great shame if we changed the external comms post in the run up to a vitally important General Election that should see the election of our first MPs.”

More from Tracy's website here.

Caroline Lucas, Darren Johnson, Joseph Healy, Jean Lambert and many others are backing Tracy Dighton Brown in the election for Green Party Executive External Communications coordinator.

We all appreciate her very hard work promoting the Party and the fact that she is a very good open person to work with.

It would be a great shame if she was not re-elected.

Still musing over the other contested posts, will let you know if and when I have decided who to back.


Anonymous said...

Bit disappointing that RR has issued a thinly veiled personal attack on Tracy.

Anonymous said...

Tracy is one of the most frightening and scary people that I have ever met. She is utterly manipulative, two-faced and has no sense of morality as far as I can see. I am personally terrified that she is in control of the Green Party's media operation. All she has done so far is to stop other people from doing things.

Derek Wall said...

You seem a bit bitter and twisted about Tracy, most of us find her a breath of fresh air...

It is a clear that a group of embittered people are out to get Tracy....I don't recognise your description but I suggest readers check her out to see if she is the Ms Evil you suggest.

The two Green Party MEPs and two GLA members are backing her strongly, I don't think all four of them are wrong on this, I suppose they could be, but if she was 'frightening' I doubt they would be supporting her.

Green Gordon said...

Come on Derek, I've only been in the Party coming on 6 years, and I've been there long enough to see a lot of people call a lot of people embittered for a lot of reasons. If the amount of controversy the yearly election cycles generates translated into all the elected posts being massively over-subscribed I'd be a much happier ERO (probably). It'd probably be slightly closer to an ideal world if anonymous comments relating to internal party matters on the internet and elsewhere were moderated, but I'm loath to try and limit the free flow of information.


Derek Wall said...

I am a bit confused as to why you seem to object to my comment, I do think a lot of mud is being thrown at Tracy..

Green Gordon said...

I'm saying I don't think it's best to make an ad hominem in response to an ad hominem (if you can in fact make an ad hominem on an anonymous commenter) Just my opinion, anyway. Why can't we all get along...? Or did someone start it first...?

Anonymous said...

I think that RR, MW and the rest of their little bitchy coven should be utterly ashamed of themselves. Tracy has been brilliant all the time I've been working with her. She has the energy and dynamism of 40 cruise ship entertainment directors; just what the GP needs in this time of thin resources. I've never known her to be anything other than honest, inspiring and creative. All the nonsense to the contrary seems to be part of a coordinated campaign to get a group of likeminded men on to GPEx, to me.

weggis said...

you may be right, and I may be wrong, but you do come across as somewhat bitchy yourself [assuming you are the same anon on the other post]

I'll base my judgement on facts thank you, and not on gender politics, whether that be male or female.

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