10 Aug 2009

Muddy election...I suppose that's politics.

I have been amazed by how much mud has been thrown at Tracy Dighton-Brown the current External comms member of the Green Party Executive.

Unfounded rumours that she is opposed to the free post system are one example.

and I have had this 'Tracy is one of the most frightening and scary people that I have ever met. She is utterly manipulative, two-faced and has no sense of morality as far as I can see. I am personally terrified that she is in control of the Green Party's media operation. All she has done so far is to stop other people from doing things.'

Depressing. Any way I am endorsing her and so is Caroline Lucas...

Caroline Lucas MEP, Green Party Leader

“Working with Tracy over the past months has been a real privilege. I have particularly appreciated her sound political judgement and clear strategic thinking.

“Her professionalism and personal commitment have been instrumental both in ensuring the Party achieved its best ever results in the recent European Elections, as well as in laying strong foundations for the upcoming General Election.

“Her wealth of media experience has enabled her to build excellent contacts with a wide range of editors and broadcasters, with whom she now enjoys very positive links. She has also developed very strong relationships with the target constituency teams, acted as a passionate and articulate champion of their interests at every opportunity, and put in place transparent and accountable communications mechanisms.

“As we enter a General Election year, it would be very damaging to risk disrupting all the good work she has done – I hope very much she will be re-elected to GPEX.”


weggis said...

I have not seen any mud.
Links/evidence please.

Anonymous said...

Well Weggis, Mark Hill doesn’t pull his punches with a nasty rant, on the Richard+Jason website http://rupertjason.wordpress.com/endorsements/. It’s a shame RR hasn’t made a ‘Clean Campaign Pledge’ for this internal election, though judging from the way it is reported website, it seems it was only ever a publicity stunt.

weggis said...

Thanks anon.

"Diplomatic"? A touch of the pot calling the kettle black there.

And I submit an error of judgment on the part of Rupert/jason in publishing it.

That doesn't mean I've up my mind yet.

Derek Wall said...

Well Weggis I often totally disagree with you but so what you will do the research and decide which is all to the good.

Haven't seen Rayyan chuck any dirty at Jayne Forbes or vice versa, which is good!

Anonymous said...

Weggis, take a look at Matt Wootton's blog:-


A somewhat feeble attempt to give the quite unwarranted attacks on Tracy some intellectual justification. The fact 2009 was not like 1989 is not Tracy’s fault .

Anonymous said...

Sour Grapes on Mr Wooton's part perhaps.

Derek Wall said...

I think that's quite enough internal GPEW stuff for the moment, lets keep focussed on Vestas!

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