29 Aug 2009

We hate you!

“It would be a
spark of hope if only wars were to morph in such a way as to target the
actual breeding potential of a population: young females and children, half
of whom are girls. Unless this happens, wars will mostly remain a waste of
time or even a harmful activity.” (p.173) this is from Can Life Prevail by Pentti Linkola.

What a nasty work is the Finnish writer Pentti Linkola.

I am very critical of Malthusians obssessed with cutting the population, I think our economic system that encourages us to produce, consume and waste at every increasing rates is the source of ecological ills.

However while I view population bomb rhetoric as reactionery, it generally is followed by support for womens rights, Linkola just seems consumed by blood lust.

May be in his youth he had a bad experience with women, perhaps a women throw his fish back.

Nasty, nasty.

David Orton has argued that ecofascism is more a smear term, yes often it is, but Linkola is so right wing, he would make Nick Griffin blush and Hitler's would have kept him hidden away because of the bad pr implications.

Basically he wants to kill all of us but is especially keen to exteminate women.

Occam's razor would suggest the 'we hate you, girls' approach of Linkola , works to benefit the oil corporations by painting environmentalists as psychotics.

David Orton seems rather keen on him, shocking stuff! I generally like David Orton's writings but he seems to have crossed the line into locura in his essay on Linkolaa.

I am not a deep ecologist but most of them don't advocate nuclear war as a way of creating more wilderness....like Linkola.


tim said...

Eco-fascism is usually a smear term often used by those who are actually dangerously close to fascism in their politics themselves (like certain hate radio demagogues here in the states) against good greens and left greens. But there is definitely a reactionary use of ecological concerns by some far right individuals and groups (in many cases particularly the population scare) that wouldn't be innacurate to describe as eco-fascism. And I think Joel Kovel sounds a necessary alarm in his 'Enemy of Nature' about the danger of authoritarian far right 'eco-fascist' 'solutions' to ecological crises coming to the fore if a progressive/left green politics is unsuccessful.

Derek Wall said...

I agree with you on this one Tim, it usually is just a lazy bit of abuse from the gasoline heads but there are ecoauthoritarians out their, although even the ecoauthoritarians don't say that killing women is good, David Orton has totally lost the plot of this one.

Just back from climate camp by the way Tim, its bliss!

and Tim if you can keep blogging about my amigos in Peru I would be in your debt

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