30 Aug 2009

Climate camp is pure pleasure!

I am cat sitting, tough life isn't it, greedy tikes that they are! but spent the afternoon at climate camp.

Well a bit disorientating, usually I have to travel miles and miles, and then get hassled by le flic, searched for weapons etc.....just got the train to New Cross Gate, 10 minute bike ride....no cops easy.

Usually going to the climate camp seems a bit like setting off for the Paris Commune, good but edgy cause you think you might get seriously injured by the forces of law and order.

Not so this time...no police, although they seem to be hiding in the cadet centre in case of 'trouble'.

The camp is very well organised, clean and green and fun. Hung out with my Green Left amigos and met lots of other friends, gave out some information about the lucha indigena....had a quick pint in Blackheath.

Its not often I have such relaxing day. Seeing a large banner 'Capitalism is Crisis', I feel the camp really shows the message that unlimited economic growth is unsustainable and shows that another world is possible.

Tomorrow I will approach the camp in a more serious way and promote a bit of activism.

Any way lovely place to be, don't read the crap in the newspapers, if you are in south east london join us tomorrow for some bank holiday ecological fun.

Louise has very nice photos and a report here.

Merrick who I ran into today has produced some excellent strategic analysis of the camp compared to Newbury...well worth a read.


weggis said...

Glad you enjoyed it. These things are not my cup o' tea but I am very pleased to hear elsewhere of the efficiency of the way it was organised and implemented. Almost "military"?

Derek Wall said...

Sometimes its good to drink a different kind of tea...the effeciency was great, I think we all have a lot to learn from them.

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