1 Sept 2009

The rise of European Bobo politics

Interesting article in Red Pepper on the green right, Greens who drop green policies and go into coalition governments.

I certainly happy that the French Greens did well and elected Jose Bove, however Cohn-Bendit is certainly keen to move the Greens across Europe in a centre ground direction, ditching key ecological commitments in the process which is profoundly worrying.

Well if the Greens here ever go right I will go to climate camp! However the Green Party of England and Wales seems to be on the left and gaining votes, so good!

Any way on to the Bobo politics...

The rise of European Bobo politics
Cohn-Bendit’s Europe Ecologie victory in France emboldens the Green right across Europe but does it also mean the death of traditional green principles asks Leigh Philips

The success of Europe Ecologie in France and moderate advances elsewhere in the June European elections have emboldened the green right but disaster in Ireland, where the party was wiped out - and to a lesser extent in the Czech Republic - shows what happens when they abandon their principles for a shot at the big league.

Since the France’s Europe Ecologie triumph in the European elections, the European media have been talking of a Green wave across the continent, with leading member Daniel Cohn-Bendit’s gurning visage nigh on inescapable.

But the effervescent Cohn-Bendit has every right to be in an especially jolly mood - the result was indeed truly spectacular. It saw them soaring from the 7.45 per cent of the French vote in the 2004 EU elections and their embarrassing 1.57 per cent in the 2007 presidential elections.

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Charlie said...

"...ditching key ecological commitments in the process."

Hi Derek, I'd be interested to hear what commitments you think are/may be sacrificed.

Joseph said...

Yes I very much agree with the analysis of this article. This is why it will be important to attend the fringe meeting on 'Greens in coalition - the Irish Experience' where former Green councillor for Dublin, Bronwen Maher, and I will be speaking on the Saturday of Green Party conference at 1pm. The lessons to be learned from the Irish and Czech experiences are central in my opinion for the Greens remaining on a radical course and part of the Left.

Derek Wall said...

well Ireland its motorways!

novparl said...

And Cohn-Bendit?

It's amazing to me how the "Green" Party fails again & again and is then smug about its successes. 2 UK seats in the EuroParl is the same as the BNP.Have you ever felt disappointed about going nowhere?

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