14 Sept 2009

Former environment minister joins the Green Party!

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Senator Marina Silva, former Minister of Environment of Brazil, joins the Brazilian Green Party promising defend sustainable development

The Senator and former Brazilian Environment Minister Marina Silva, joined the Brazilian Green Party on Sunday (30) during a national meeting attended by over one thousand people in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Before a crowd of activists from all over Brazil who sings the slogans "urgent Brazil, Marina president (Brasil Urgente, Marina Presidente)," the senator signed the Green Party membership form saying she was honored by the invitation of the Brazilian Green Party and felt thrilled with the reception of militancy, but the senator declined to comment on her possible candidacy for president. "My decision will only be in 2010."

Along with national leaders, Brazilians ministers, parliament members from the federal and state government, artists, intellectuals and the representative of the Greens in the European Parliament, Catherine Greeze, Marina Silva was keen to stress the importance of the issue of sustainability as a strategy for all parties and acknowledged that the Brazilian Green Party pioneered in Brazil in the introduction of environmental issues in discussions of public policy.

The Senator, Marina Silva vowed to work for sustainable development of the Brazil and the protection of the environment, considering the economic and social variables. The senator also argued that the Brazilian Green Party to carry the banner of political ethics

The membership form of Marina Silva was accredited with the signatures of Elenira Mendes, the daughter of Chico Mendes, the rubber tapper leader killed in 1988, José Luiz Penna, national president of the Brazilian Green Party, Fernando Gabeira, a federal deputy (PV-RJ) and Eduardo Jorge Secretary of Green and the Environment of São Paulo.

The Federal Congressman, Sarney Filho (PV-MA) explain that Marina Silva became one important member in the Brazilian political scene. "We are living a historic moment with the affiliation of the greatest expression of sustainability in Brazil"

In the assessment of International Relations Secretary of the Brazilian Green Party, president of the FVHD and member of the Global Greens Steering Committee, Marco Antonio Mroz, the membership of Marina Silva is an opportunity to promote unity between the green parties in the world to build a policy proposal which puts Brazil in the XXI century. "We are a country of immense diversity, environmental and socio-cultural, which allows us to dialogue with all sectors and the arrival of Marina Silva will strengthen our alliances with all segments of society"

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