26 Sept 2009

Toba still seek the promised land

And they will make the journey...because the first peoples are strong.

Love to see the British government supporting the Toba....its not going to happen 'love corporations, hate peope and the environment' could be the New Labour slogan with individuals like Chris Bryant MP at the foreign office....'free trade, dead planet' might be another slogan....while I have been really pleased to see Tory MP Nick Hurd doing his bit and asking questions about the destruction of the Amazon, I fear under a conservative government it will get worse still.

The British policy in Latin America is find a country with death squads and do a free trade deal....Colombia has had so many trade unionists killed and at Bagua the Peruvian government murdered the people of the Amazon....great lets engage and give them a bit of investment.

Ditto the European Union currently construction bilateral trade deals with Peru and Colombia.

Honduras next?

just had this from intercontinental cry

Tierra Prometida (Promised Land) chronicles the journey of a group of ethnic Toba People who were driven from their traditional territory in
Argentina’s dense El Impenetrable forest.

For centuries the Toba resisted colonial encroachment and missionization, until the late 1800s, when the Argentine government began to occupy and divide El Impenetrable into concessions to exploit.

Ever since that time, the Toba have been cheated, forgotten, and forced to endure a hostile reality—all the while searching for a better life for themselves and their children.

Ruben Sarmiento, Chief of the Toba Community “19 de Abril” tells the story of his tribe and the obstacles they have had to overcome after being settled in the port area of Dock Sud, Buenos Aires, one of the most polluted areas in the world.

Situated near the Federal Capital, Dock Sud stands as the focus of discrimination, unemployment and crime, malnutrition, and diseases like tuberculosis and Chagas disease, caused by a parasitic insect.

Despite being decimated by environmental aggression, violence and social exclusion, the Toba have continued to believe in and struggle for a future of freedom.

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