18 Sept 2009

Biofuels kill our planet: Protest now!

'Agrofuels Don't Roc(k):

On 12th October, 6.30 pm, there will be a demonstration outside the Department for Energy and Climate Change, 3 Whitehall Place, London.
is being jointly organised by Campaign against Climate Change,Biofuelwatch and Food not Fuel (London).

The demonstration will be against 'green energy' subsidies for biofuels.At the moment, up to twice as much subsidy, paid a Renewable Obligation Certificates or ROCs, is available for producing 1 MW of energy from burning for example palm oil or rapeseed oil than for 1 MW of onshore wind energy.

Without such massive subsidies, biofuel use for heat and power would not be commercially viable. In Italy and Germany, there are already large numbers of biofuel power plants and virtually all of them run on palm oil, by far the cheapest feedstock, there, too, because of subsidies. In the UK, one proposed biofuel power station could require as much as 10,000 hectares of oil palm plantations or even more for other feedstock. In the name of 'renewable energy', the government is thus subsidising an industry which is directly or indirectly responsible for large-scale deforestation, faster climate change and the displacement and often violent evictions of indigenous peoples, small farmers and other communities.

In the UK and elsewhere, local air pollution and the risk to people'shealth have been of concern. If you live in or near London, please come along and let others know aboutthe demonstration. If you can help with preparing banners, etc. pleasecontact us. If you live outside London and would be interested in helping to organisea simultenous local event, please let us know. We will be happy to list
any additional local events on our website nearer the time.

GOOD NEWS: Three recent applicatons for biofuel power stations have been rejected bylocal authorities planning committees:
+ Blue NG's proposed power station in Southall, Ealing, West London was
rejected unanimously;

+ Vogen's proposed power station in Newport, South Wales, was rejected 8:1;

+ W4B Renewable Energy's proposed power station in Portland, Dorset was rejected 7:4.

We now hope that the decisions will stand and that the companies will respect the decisions. Thanks to everybody who objected to one or more of the applications orotherwise took part in the campaigns.

Best regards,

The Biofuelwatch Team

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