2 Sept 2009

Green Party of India?

I am very much hoping to meet Subhas Dutta when he is Britain in September.

He is planning to create a Green Party of India, which is long over due, I have had the pleasure of working with Dr Debal Deb, the West Bengal scientist and I hope that Mr Dutta will talk to Debal who has advice would I am sure be of great value.

There are huge struggle to protect land and oppose enclosure in India and India has long historical traditions of respecting nature.

The way in which indigenous politics based on respect for Mother Earth has become organised and made a huge impact in Latin America has to be a model for other parts of the planet.

The left in India, I gather, are largely ignorant of ecological struggles and don't often question the need for a different kind of economic system based on ecology and grassroots participation.

Tough country to form and sustain a Green Party, good luck to those trying!


Anonymous said...

Hi there, Mr. Subhas Datta is in London now. If you like to speak , please give him a call on 07788649657. Thanks.

Unknown said...

I want to a part of GPI if it is actuated !
Its time we should join our hands for a Global Interest rather that National or Regional One. If this Party takes shape it will be the Only International Political Party ever being formed. I am sencerely looking forward to the day it kicks off.
I belong from Kolkata, a Mechanical Engineer by profession. Please update me about the upcoming events through my mail id - sujaykumar20@gmail.com
I am very much willing to fight for a global agenda which will be different from usual politics and only be centered around major Environmental Issues. Awaiting earnestly.
Thank You.

brusan said...
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brusan said...

Actually I had the privilege to be with Mr Subhas Datta during his visit in Brussels .

One thing I can say about him, is he is is a gadfly with a vision who never gives up easily .

I am sure in the coming years the idea of a Greener Economic development India can be achieved once we all Indians start supporting the great spirit of Mr Datta and similar other activists working in India.

Lets extend our support for the formation of Green Party of India .

Unknown said...

Would love to be associated with the party too.. It's about time that, India has a "Green Party"..

Go Green...

- Ninad Mondkar

Anonymous said...

Hi Green Party ! We are the party of the future and the need of the hour .
Can we start at ground level and insist that every citizen has a right to the banking system of our country ?
Because the means to economic self sufficiency should be the right of every Green citizen.
Look forward to hearing from you.


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