28 Sept 2009


Late last night (UK time) the coup regime replaced the figleaf of constitutional legitimacy with a Pinochet-style moustache. At about 10pm (3pm Honduran time) the coup leaders unveiled a decree suspending the constitution and civil rights, and vowing to arrest their opponents.

All public gatherings and demonstrations are now officially banned, except those “authorized by police or military authorities.”

Freedom of movement is now officially banned:

“Freedom of transit, which will be restricted according to the parameters established by press releases broadcast on all radio and TV stations by the President of the Republic, which will be in effect in all national territory and during curfews.”

All insitutions of government and state have been put under the direct command of the military:

“All Secretaries of State, decentralized institutions, municipalities and other state organisms must place themselves at the orders of the National Police and Armed Forces without any equivocation”

The last remaining independent TV and radio stations are about to be attacked and closed down:

“Publication in any media, spoken, written or televised, of information that offends human dignity, public officials, or criticizes the law and the government resolutions, or any style of attack against the public order and peace. CONATEL (the Honduran communications commission), through the National Police and the Armed Forces, is authorized to suspend any radio station, television channel or cable system that does not adjust its programming to the present decree”

The coup leader’s decree also included an order to “detain all persons who are found outside of the established orders of circulation”


The National Resistance Front has issued a statement saying that they will march in the capital Tegucigalpa today. People are heading towards Tegus from all parts of the country following President Zelaya’s call to his supporters to prepare for a “final offensive”.

The dictatorship will attempt to seal off the capital by blocking roads and attacking protesters with bullets, tear gas and water cannon. There is a significant risk of a bloodbath and mass arrests. The regime has previously imprisoned hundreds of people in football stadiums; some detainees have been tortured.

Solidarity is needed more than ever.

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