25 Sept 2009

Labour conference is old news say Greens in Brighton

Greens' billboard campaign sets scene - and tone? - for Labour's Brighton conference.

Whatever happens to Brown government, "Labour is old news in Brighton," says Green Party leader's new ad campaign

Firing the first salvo in her bid to take the Brighton Pavilion constituency from Labour at the general election, Green Party leader Caroline Lucas MEP has launched a powerful billboard campaign to run throughout Labour's Brighton conference. The artwork for the campaign http://www.greenparty.org.uk/assets/files/imagelibrary/gordon-brighton-billboard.jpg is likely to reflect the tone of the Labour conference - showing a tired-looking Gordon Brown fashioned from old newspaper stories of repeated Labour disasters.

The posters, devised by the Green Party's retained ad agency glue London, observe that twice as many people in Brighton (31%) voted Green in the recent European elections as voted Labour (15%), with the Conservatives on 22% also far behind the Greens. The Greens came first throughout all three constituencies in Brighton and Hove, and recently leapfrogged from third place to take a council seat from the Conservatives in the Goldsmid by-election in the city.

In Caroline Lucas's Pavilion constituency, since 2005 the Greens have come first in every election, claiming a majority of the local council seats. The Greens' campaign director for Brighton Pavilion, Paul Steedman, said today: "The Green Party's record of winning in Brighton and Hove will literally be part of the scenery of the Labour conference. Everywhere they go, Labour delegates will be reminded that in this year's elections the Greens got more than twice as many votes as Labour, and only Caroline Lucas can beat the Conservatives in Brighton Pavilion."

The biggest of the campaign posters, measuring 9m x 9m, went up this morning and can be seen at the corner of Queens Road and North Road, en route from Brighton station to the seafront.

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