3 Sept 2009

Algonquins use Bagua blockades to fight for forests

I am finding Intercontinental Cry a really good resource in the global fight for socialism and ecology!

Viva lucha indigena! I would recommend it and its especially good if your first or second language is English, after all, there are more resources and websites in Spanish...do subscribe, I think if thousands of people subscribed to Intercontinental Cry and took action it would have a real effect.

The first peoples provide the rest of us with a lesson in political organisation and commitment.

There are strong links between indigenous peoples right across the Americas, which is something that should worry Alan Garcia!

if you are with distance, why not give Chief Jean Maurice Matchewan a bell and find out how you can support.

The Algonquins of Barriere lake have announced plans to set up an indefinite roadblock on their land—beginning today, September 1, 2009.

In a press statement (below), the northern Quebec First Nation says the roadblock, aimed at preventing logging on their traditional lands, will continue “until Quebec implements agreements covering forestry on Barriere Lake’s lands, and the Quebec and Canadian government’s recognize the First Nation’s legitimate leadership.”

For more information, contact Chief Jean Maurice Matchewan at 819-435- 2136 – or, if the line is busy, 514-398-7432

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Laban said...

Any news on how the indigenous peoples of Britain are getting on with 'protecting their traditional lands' from outside exploitation ?

MoreCanadian said...

Did you see Jean Maurice Matchewan's interview on MoreCanadian.com? Just goes to show that even recent treaties (like 1990s) are not being honoured.

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