6 Sept 2009

Everybody I voted for won!

Abstained on a couple, particularly pleased to see Tracy re-elected.

Green Left candidates for the executive Andy Hewett and Farid Bakht/Phelim MacCafferty is good news. FB/PM came top out of four for international.....good news for the lucha indigena, always always in internal elections vote for the people with the most interest in the lucha indigena!

Did back Judy Maciejowska but James Youd and Adrian Windsch would have been equally excellent and I would voted for them but Judy is an old friend, despite our differences over Green 2000!

Good! Pretty diverse GPEX but the 'slightly angry with Caroline because of obscure issues to do with freepost people' didn't fair well in this context....haven't had the full figures yet.

Not sure if more than three people stood for SOC?

Results for the election of the Green Party Executive, Autumn 2009

Chair: Jayne Forbes

Campaigns Co-ordinator: Andy Hewett

Equality and Diversity Co-ordinator: Polly Lane

External Communications Co-ordinator: Tracy Dighton-Brown

Internal Communications Co-Ordinator: Natalie Bennett

Local Party Support Coordinator: Jon Lucas

Policy Development Co-Ordinator: Matt Follett/Maria Iacovou (Job Share)

Publications Co-ordinator: Edward Milford

Elections Co-Ordinator: Judy Maciejowska

Finance Co-Ordinator: Dean Walton

International Co-Ordinator: Farid Bakht/Phelim MacCafferty (job-share)

Committee Elections- list of members elected:

Policy Committee:
Brian Heatley, Chris Hyland, Stuart Jeffery, Peter Lynn, Cathryn Symons

Mark Douglas, Jonathan Essex, Richard Lanchester, Romayne Phoenix

GWEB (Green World Editorial Board):
Jim Jepps, Matt Ledbury, Susan Murray

Jenny Rust

Miriam Kennet, Marek Powley, John Street, Margaret Wright

Peter Murry, Sean Thompson, Susan Tibbles


Anonymous said...

Hi Derek

It would be good for those of us who did not get to conference to get a bit of context on those who have won and what they stand for as not really up on the internal politics yet. Will you planing to give us a bit of info or know any would who would?

(chasing you from Socialist Unity)

Anonymous said...

* Are you and not will you obviously! blame the jack daniels

Derek Wall said...

I will see what I can do but look at the SU posts and I do want to find some time to read new issue of Lucha Indigena and flag up some articles (which I think is more important!).

Others may want to comment here but keep it concise and non ranty please.

weggis said...

Everybody I voted for won!

Good for you, and Jim. But what about the rank and file who weren't there?

novparl said...

Jack Daniels? Capitalist poison! Stick to illegal drugs.

"Lucha indigena"? How many workers have heard of that?

Will you be standing in the next G.E. and losing your deposit?

Green Gordon said...

I don't understand why people complaining about internal democracy seem more likely to resign/step back rather than work to improve the situation. We get frustrated as a party that sometimes it seems like we have to do all the work... Well, it cuts both ways.

It's easy to complain, it's hard to compromise.

Derek Wall said...

Hi Gordon,

don't get confused by the trolls but Weggis has a fair point it would be good if more people stood and therefore there were more national ballots.

lucha indigena, its a spanish phrase the means saving the worlds environment....I will look up the Brazillian portueguse for Troll at some point...

novparl said...

"Brazillian portueguse". And you're a teacher! Troll is a word used by people who can't debate and who waste their time losing their deposits. "Lucha indigena" means indigenous struggle, anyway.
How's your Kuban 1-party state?


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