2 Aug 2009

Holocaust denier hosts annual monetary reform event.

Just seen this.....be great if the monetary reformers distanced themselves from the anti-semites, surely an event headed by an individual too right wing for UKIP, is not going to do this.

Social Credit/monetary reform has often provided a kind of dating agency where Greens can meet the far right....Alistair McConnachie is keen to work with both greens and groups like the splinter from the National Front who publish Voice of St George.

According to a far right web site back in 2004 'The latest issue, #32, of The Voice of St George newspaper is out now - and it’s a cracking read!

There’s articles on Blair’s Britain, NWO ‘freedom of religion’, ususry and debt, movement meetings, the media — and a cracking in-depth interview with UKIP’s ex-Scotland organiser Alistair McConnachie on immigration, the holocaust, the ‘war on Terror’, green issues and much more!’

I guess Don Martin will be there, a veteran of the British far right sent by his Australian mentor to convert the English... his organisation the League of Rights has been a scourge on indigenous people in Australia working hard to try to prevent land rights....any way this is what I have seen about the annual Bromsgrove meeting.


The thirteenth annual Conference of The Bromsgrove Group will be held at the
usual venue, country house Barnes Close, off Malthouse Lane, Chadwich Manor
Estate, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, B61 0RA between the late afternoon of
Friday 2nd October and mid-day Sunday 4th October 2009.

If you haven't been before, please do take this opportunity to meet with
other people who are interested in Money Reform, in very convivial
surroundings. You're guaranteed a great weekend and all newcomers report on
how pleasant, relaxed and friendly is the atmosphere! Every year, around 40%
of people are new faces, and many are beginners to the subject, so do not
worry about "not knowing enough" since the basic points will always be

This year, for the first time ever, we will run a series of short
presentations to be filmed and put on YouTube to be seen, potentially by
tens of thousands of people. These presentations will represent a thorough
intro and explanation of our Money Reform analysis and solution.

Attendees may wish to stay for the full 2 nights, one night, or simply
attend on particular day or evening sessions. There are usually around 45-50
people attending. There are around 13-16 bedrooms, divided into single, twin
and multiple, with a maximum capacity of around 34 over-night residents. Of
course, attendees are free to make their own sleeping arrangements
elsewhere, if they prefer.

This is an invitation-only Conference and attendees must arrange to attend
via booking with the Organiser, Alistair McConnache, by contacting him at
the address below, and paying a deposit.

It will not be possible to accommodate anyone who arrives on the day without
prior notification. Therefore, if you wish to attend, please contact
Alistair as soon as possible.

All places sell out and we occasionally have to turn people away because of
their very late booking arrangements. Due to annually increasing demand for
places, please note that residential and day bookings will close on
Wednesday 23rd September 2009 - 7 working days before the Conference.

Residential spaces are limited and while we do everything possible to
accommodate people, we will have to prioritise on the basis of first-come,

Bromsgrove has always been a free Conference. There is no "Conference Fee"
for attendees.

The only payment is for room and board, which we are able to offer at very
reasonable rates. The cost for two nights will be a total of £95 per person
for full room and board, with £10 per person payable now as a non-returnable
deposit. One night is £49, with £10 payable now. Please note that day
attendees are also required to contribute a sum towards food and facilities.
The price for a full day without staying overnight and arriving after
breakfast is £35

Bromsgrove 2009 is shaping up to be an event not to be missed and will be
valuable for beginners and old-hands alike. If you've never been before,
please be assured that each year, almost half our attendees are new faces -
and please don't think that anything will be too difficult. It is all kept
at a level which is accessible for everyone. And if you know of anyone who
should be there, please tell us and we'll send them an invite too.

Reports of previous conferences can be found at www.ProsperityUK.com and a
report of Bromsgrove 2008 is at

A Map and information about the venue can be found here:

Please feel free to forward this material to anyone you think may be

So, if you want to come along for a great event...

PLEASE CONTACT as soon as possible:

Alistair McConnachie
Organiser, Bromsgrove 2009
268 Bath Street
United Kingdom
G2 4JR
T. 0141 332 2214
alistairmcc140906 AT fsmail DOT net


Red Green Nick said...

The cartoon of the banker looks a little like an anti semitic stereotype itself.

Most monetary reformers I've met seem like decent people, but I think they need to be more vocal in rejecting the racism of McConnachie.

Derek Wall said...

yes the book cover is dodgy! There are certainly more like it 'The Grip of Death' with the snake springs to mind....these are not images I endorse.

I am sure must monetary reformers are fine but they do need to be more vocal in rejecting the writer of 'Billions for the Bankers' and McConnachie...I used to lay into Earth First! because of their dodgy connections but they did something about them and I have become a great fan of EF!

Don Martin's League of Rights have combined classic anti-semitic conspiracy with opposition to indigenous rights in Australia...

ModernityBlog said...

McConnachie's activities are well known and have been publicised for years, he's a far right crank

Derek, if you really want to do something, real, on this topic then you might try and give your support to Greens Engage


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