14 Jul 2008

AN AMERICAN engineering firm involved in building nuclear warheads could become part of a trust running Ossett Schools

Well apologies to Alan Wheatley....I have been slow on this, busy with by-elections, etc!

Hi, Derek

At 19:47:58 +0100 on Fri, 27 June you wrote:

wow this [School row goes nuclear] is a big story, thanks!

I'd be interested to know what you are going to do/write about it elsewhere? )I've seen no reference to the story on your another-green-world blogspot.)



derek wall wrote:

wow this is a big story, thanks!

Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2008 19:47:58 +0100
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Hi, Derek

I just spotted the following, that I'm sure you will find of interest:
Schools row goes nuclear
Friday, 20 June 2008
AN AMERICAN engineering firm involved in building nuclear warheads could become part of a trust running Ossett Schools.
Jacobs Engineering Group could be involved in the plan by nine schools to link up with businesses to run affairs outside local authority control.
Sally Kincaid, local secretary for the NUT said: "Many people are opposed to nuclear weapons on principal and yet this company would have an equal influence over the education of our pupils as Wakefield Council."
Last year, US firm Bearing Point was dropped as a partner in Wakefield's Aspire Trust. It had emerged the firm was involved in George Bush's election campaign and has contracts in Iraq.
In its Editorial comment the Wakefield Express concludes "Surely this is something that should be decided by parental referendum. Let them vote and decide what is best for their kids."
Wakefield Express article here

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Alan Wheatley

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Wakefield said...

Latest news on AWE, Jacobs Engineering and Ossett schools Trusts


Personally I don't trust Ed "the" Balls to stop this.

Any support or pressure that can be put on the schools to drop this company being involved in taking over our schools would be appreciated by all those AGAINST privatisation and FOR peace.

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