25 Sep 2010

Ed Miliband wins

Very close, still both Blairites!

Blair's endorsement killed David, along with torture associations.

Ralph Milband their dad was a great socialist.

My friend John McDonnell, MP would have made a great and inspiring Labour leader but they didn't let him run.


Benjamin said...

Yes. But still, a glimmer of hope because David Miliband was clearly the Blairite android candidate (no offence to androids), and that has been the character of the party machine for years. "Red Ed" (untrue, yes) has won, but at least it means that LP members are actually alive at some level.

weggis said...

"My friend John McDonnell, MP.. "

.. would make a great GP member. Send him an application form, Derek.

Bearded Socialist said...

Macca was allowed, he just couldn't get enough support. that's a big difference

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