18 Jun 2012

Notes from the Borderland: Essential Green Left Reading

 I have had the pleasure of knowing Larry O'Hara since around 1989, he is one of the pillars of the left in the Green Party and a man with a Phd on the British far right.  He is also one of the network that puts together Notes from the Borderland, well yes its controversial stuff and yes the articles are long with lots of footnotes and yes its quite cutting about the personalities involved.   Nonetheless its essential reading in my book.  This is what they say about themselves:

Welcome to Britain's premier parapolitical investigative magazine Notes from the Borderland (NFB). We have been producing the magazine since 1997 but some published material before then.
Our political perspective is Left/Green, but we welcome truth-tellers, whatever their affiliation. Research interests include the secret state (MI5/MI6/Special Branch) & their assets, including those in the media. We are resolutely anti-fascist, and to that end investigate the far right and state infiltration of various milieus.

This issue includes a lengthy analysis of the Searchlight/Hope not Hate split, which I must admit I had been hardly aware of and much else besides.  NFB is also a long standing critic of 7/7 and 9/11 conspiracy theory campaigns.

A growing distaste at bizarre conspiracy theories the 9/11 cult propagate, in particular anti-semitism.  Claims by Shayler (New Statesman 11/9/06) that 9/11 was a 'Zionist' conspiracy are two-a-penny--yet we rarely hear the phrase 'Saudi conspiracy' with far more evidence for such.  Lurking in the wings are the usual racist snake-oil salesmen (or in David Icke's case lizards) eager to blame the 'Jews'.  The venomous & often anti-semitic reaction to criticism by Jewish journalist Jon Ronson in November 2006exemplifies this. A relevant subtext is the sheer disbelief non-US citizens could have organised 9/11 without US government assistance--racism by another (subtle) name.  MORE HERE

Have a click here and look at the Notes From the Borderland site.  And if its not your cup of tea fair enough....ha ha not sure about the video with the crying child but it gives you the idea.

Oh and did I mention the coverage of the mystery of the death of MI5 Gareth Williams and the mystery of why we believe anything in the Evening Standard!

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