2 Jul 2012

Derek Wall on austerity, crisis, ecosocialism in Carlisle

All of us are affected by the current crisis of capitalism and it presents us with two choices.

The route of austerity. Yet more capitalism. Demand that it exploits us even more. Subordinate even more aspects of our lives to the flow of capital so that it may perpetuateitself, now in the full knowledge that capitalism can only lead to social and environmental catastrophe.

Or, we can create spaces outside of capitalism. Run counter to the flow of capital. By creating alternative structures of material support within the cracks that exist in capitalist domination, we can begin to shape a new society.

Derek Wall will be speaking about the alternatives at an event co-hosted by the Green Party and Sustainable Carlisle, to be held at the University of Cumbria's Fusehill Street Campus Lecture Theatre in Carlisle.

Former Principal Speaker of the Green Party, Derek is a prominent eco-socialist whose published books include 'The No-nonsense Guide to Green Politics', 'Babylon and Beyond' and 'The Rise of the Green Left'.

All are welcome to come along to what promises to be a fantastic talk!

This is a free event, though donations towards organisational costs are welcome.

Thursday 5th July 2012
The Lecture Theatre
Fusehill Street Campus
University of Cumbria

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