9 Feb 2013

The Colombia Connection film showing 15th February

The Colombia Connection
(Director: Pablo Navarrete, Alborada Films, 2012)

As part of Movimientos' monthly event at Passing Clouds, there will be a special screening of the festival version of 'The Colombia Connection', a new documentary that explores Colombia's armed and social conflict and the role played by the US government.

... Time: 8pm-10pm (The film starts at 8.15pm and will be followed by a Q&A with the director Pablo Navarrete & the film's director of photography/editor Teilo Vellacott. They will also be joined by Mariela Kohon, director the of the human rights NGO 'Justice for Colombia')

Date: Friday 15th February

Venue: Passing Clouds - 1 Richmond Road, E8 4AA, London, UK
Train: Dalston Junction / Kingsland

Entry is free but donations will be collected for a Justice for Colombia campaign to help pay the medical costs of a Colombian student leader recently attacked by a neo-Nazi paramilitary group in the country's capital, Bogota. More information about the case here: http://bit.ly/ZTcLcG

(Entry to the Movimientos night is £5 after 9pm; £8 after 10pm)

More information: http://www.alborada.net/colombia-documentary-150213

>Follow the documentary on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tcc.film and Twitter: https://twitter.com/ColombiaDocu

***More information on the Movimientos night here:



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