6 Feb 2014

Natalie Bennett, Green Party leader joins anti-frack protest at Barton Moss

Green Party leader, Natalie Bennett, will today join protestors at the Barton Moss site in Salford where IGas is carrying out exploratory drilling for shale gas. She will be accompanied by Nigel Woodcock, parliamentary candidate for next week's Wythenshawe and Sale East by-election. Their visit follows the announcement of two new exploratory drilling sites in the north west by energy company, Cuadrilla.
Natalie Bennett said: "The people at Barton Moss are on the frontline in the campaign against fracking. Government ministers have a fervent belief that fracking can solve all of our problems, from fuel poverty to manufacturing decline, from energy security to unemployment. Lib Dem Energy and Climate Secretary Ed Davey is hell-bent on supporting extreme energy, boasting that he "loves" shale gas. But their fervour is misguided - the evidence shows that fracking won't bring down energy bills and is not a solution to climate change. Rather than locking us into a future of fossil fuel dependence the government should be doubling its efforts to reduce energy use through home insulation and supporting the creation of renewable, clean and safe energy.”
Nigel Woodcock said: "Local people are rightly concerned about the impact that fracking will have. The same company that's drilling here at Barton Moss, IGas, has a licence for exploratory drilling which covers part of the Wythenshawe and Sale East constituency (1). Fracking is a growing threat to communities right across Greater Manchester and the north west."
Nigel continued: "The fact that so many ordinary people are willing to take direct action against drilling in their community shows how strongly they feel about shale gas extraction. Every other political party is falling over themselves to support the big energy companies and an expansion of shale gas drilling in the UK. I have tweeted my Labour opponent in this election to ask him to sign a petition against fracking in Trafford, but he has refused to respond. This leads me to conclude that Mike Kane doesn’t care about fracking in Brooklands and Sale, where iGAS has a licence to do exploratory drilling (PEDL: 193). (2)
He concluded “The Green Party represents those local people who want to make a stand against fracking. I'd urge people to show their opposition at the ballot box next week and in May's European elections."
Natalie Bennett and Nigel Woodcock are available for interview today at the site from 2pm. For more information or to arrange an interview please contact Alice Taylor, Media Officer for the North West Green Party, on 07523 498970 or alice.taylor@greenparty.org.uk
Notes to editors:
1. http://www.parliament.uk/briefing-papers/sn06073.pdf
2. https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/stop-fracking-trafford. Tweets sent from @njw3000 on Jan 30th, Feb 4th and 6th.
3. Read more about the Green Party leader's stance on fracking here: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/natalie-bennett/fracking-nightmare_b_3658736.html

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