9 Oct 2014

Greens condemn U.S. and Turkey’s response on battles in Kobane

7 October, 2014 

Press Release 

Greens condemn U.S. and Turkey’s response on battles in Kobane 
The Green Party observes the war against ISIS, the battles in city of Kobane and Turkey’s stance with interest. 
Especially in the city of Kobane, Kurds have been left fighting alone, without the support of Americans or Turkish fighters, who despite their declarations are helping the jihadists with these actions. 
Turkey is trying to win a few more «prizes», with America’s blessings, before it decides to join this war. 
The result is thousands of Kurds fighting ISIS, getting killed and forced out of their city, without any help. 

We consider any Kurdish protests fair, regarding the tolerance of the West and Turkey’s sly decisions. 

Cyprus Green Party 

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