9 Aug 2006

Pro-war Lieberman loses to anti-Iraq war challenger

Joe Lieberman loses, the former vice-Presidential challenger lost the Democratic primary for his Senate seat simply because he was pro-war, pro-war in the Lebanon, in Iraq, may be in Iran. The mainstream Democrats are Bush lite or as Howie Hawkins says part of an ideology of Bushism. This a victory for those who don't want a world run by and for oil corporations.

Nonetheless another corporate Democrat, at least, any anti-war one has won and the pro-war party will surely run Lieberman as an independent.

Anyway lets look forward to Hiliary Clinton losing her senate seat as well. What America needs is some Green Party success, however two party state that it is, in many places the Greens are simply not allowed to stand candidates under arcane election rules.

May be Castro can come up with a $80 million plan to bring democracy to the USA!

This is from Darren Johnson, speaking to saturday's huge anti-war demonstration, interestingly although he is not Green Party Principal Speaker, he seems to have taken on the role and I hear was very good on Any Questions.

I think Darren has really developed as a thinker and over the years seems to have got more radical, he makes the point well here that we sell weapons that kill children in Israel, that Tony Blair in his little way has allowed the killing to continue.

If you have any friends in the Labour Party now is the time to politely ask them to leave.

Darren Johnson addresses peace march in London today
5th Aug 2006

"Let us make our voices heard today in favour of peace and justice"

London Assembly Member Darren Johnson today addressed a substantial crowd protesting against Israel's sustained attack against the people of Lebanon. As a representative for the Greens, he reiterated the Party's call for and immediate and unconditional ceasefire.

"We in the Green Party join the demands for an absolute unconditional ceasefire now. And we demand that the British Government makes that their official policy with immediate effect. We say it is shameful that Britain is standing with the US - isolated from the international community - in allowing Israel's attacks on the innocent people of Lebanon.

"As a party of peace we condemn terrorism. But you don't fight terrorism with indiscriminate war. And you don't punish innocent civilians for the actions of terrorists. Collective punishment is a war crime. If we want a more secure world we need a more just world.

"Is it any surprise that when we sell rockets, missiles and tanks to aggressive regimes they start to use them? Last year the UK licensed arms sales worth £22.5 million to Israel. Let's rip up those contracts and supply no more.

"We also say to Tony Blair and the British Government it's time to end your special relationship with President Bush. We say its time to start a new special relationship with the innocent victims of war, oppression and injustice. We say it's time to start a special relationship with the innocent civilians of Lebanon. Those are the people who need Britain's support today - not President Bush. Let us make our voices heard today in favour of peace and justice.

"And let's demand an immediate ceasefire. An unconditional ceasefire."


Marshall Darts said...

Joe's Still Got It Wrong

Joe Lieberman said he lost yesterday because of the excessive partisanship that has become part of politics. He's wrong. He lost because to an opponent in his own party who ran an issue-oriented, anti-war campaign.

Lieberman's backing of a foolish president with a foolish foreign policy was not bipartisanship. It was foolishishness itself.

The Republicans should take note of what happened to Fox News' favorite Democrat. They know that anti-war sentiment isn't limited to Democratic voters.

Tip O'Neill used to say,"All politics is local." Well, when a young soldier is buried in your state or district as a casualty of this foolish war, that makes Iraq a very local issue.

Phugebrins said...

"Lieberman's backing of a foolish president with a foolish foreign policy was not bipartisanship."
Whyever not? He was not the only prominent Democrat to collude, so he can't exactly be called a backbench rebel, now, can he? We should be suspicious of these words that seem to have such good connotations.

Oh, and Derek, you'll be amused/pleased to know I spotted a 'Free Mumia' graffiti on a post box in the centre of Peterborough today. Sounds like word is creeping back around Britain's sleepers after all.

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