Climate camp at lego land

I guess that to be fully realistic they would have needed to put in on the lego police and nobody would have that many bricks.

Well it wasn't me officer....but I live about 1/2 mile away from Legoland, eco revolutionary action is a bit sporadic around here...Whigs and Hunters by E.P.Thompson is a classic which looks at the fight against enclosure in the Windsor Forest and there was a bit of 19th century hunt sabbing in Berkshire as well.

There was before I lived locally tree sitting to stop the Royals cutting down some of the oaks....

So went to Mark Steel's book launch yesterday, comedy, free beer and I am in his book being harangued by Cllr Rania Khan, 'hoo, hoo'...more on this later.

And see you tomorrow and sunday at the climate camp, unless there is a road blog at lego land to stop me getting to the train station, of course.


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