Cynthia McKinney my kind of Green candidate

Hey Derek. I hope you're doing well. I just wanted to send this your way. A California Hip Hop group called Some of All Parts has just released a pro-Cynthia McKinney/Rosa Clemente, pro-Green Party song. Here is the video:

Take care,


Rupert Read said…
Derek, you're right here. The hiphop support for the Rosa-Cynthia ticket is fascinating and impressive; and Cynthia herself is vastly impressive. See my posts on this, e.g.
One important thing is that enough people back McKinney to put some serious pressure on Obama not to sell out any more. One encouraging straw in the wind: Obama has been talking more strongly again about taxing the rich and spreading the benefits, over the last week.
Oakland Greens said…
I wanted to know if you could embed our video with some commentary by yourself. Also, we don't know much about greens/progressives in the UK and we want to promote our video and McKinney's message to Europe as well. Can you help. Please email us at


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