25 May 2009

Talking to a faith community in Ascot

Well been a bit busy to blog..

yesterday I talked to members of the Church of England in Ascot about the financial and environmental crisis....not part of my party political work.

Very good level of understanding from the audience who took part.

I suspect that members of the faith community are often ahead of political parties when it comes to ecology, social justice, etc.

There is also a possibility that they may be able to do some solidarity work with indigenous people in West Papua.

Interesting the West Papuans are mainly Anglicans..

I am not a believer and yes of course religions can be regressive and intolerant...however a lot of very good work is being done by the faith communities, and of course liberation theology is at the root of a lot of good work being done by Latin American leaders.

very nice to have the invite, I am more often talking to liberal Muslim groups and while I am not a Catholic, several of my family are, so nice to engage with a different audience and one that impressed me with their knowledge and commitment.

They were interested in looking at ethical investment and how to work with different faiths...talked to them about Hugo Blanco, Jerry Hicks and Roberto Perez as people I have had the pleasure of working with.

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