22 May 2009

Urgent appeal from Climate Camp legal team

Hello all from the Legal Team.

We've been busy since the G20 camp, and we've got 4 bits of important
information for you: Panorama, Kettling, Money and The Legal Process. The
outline is below and you can find full details on the new Camp Legal Team
pages on the Camp website (blue button on the left navigation bar)

Is searching for Kingsnorth climate camp attendees featuring in legal
team's film on seizures to get their written consent so can show bits of
the film. So, PLEASE look at http://climatecamp.org.uk/node/580 to view
the images. We have not found contact details for 3, 5, 6, 9, 10,13, 19,
20, 22, 23, 24,25, 29, 30 (need email)37, 41, 43 (need email).
We'll need to know WHICH picture number they are, contact phone and/or
email. Email legal[at]climate camp.org.uk

We need legally aided litigants (savings less than £300, on income related
benefits or less than approx £630 pmth after property costs and travel to
work costs, and no property) for important legal challenge to
kettling of climate camp. We have some but a few gaps. So did you want
to leave the kettle for some good reason and could not, but asked and were
refused, or were assaulted whilst in the kettle, but had left before the
final clearance?

We need to raise £40,000 quickly to challenge the kettling. We still
don't know we will be able to progress it but if we don't the money will
be used to fund future cases. It may seem a lot (and it is!) but we think
we can do it - small amounts from lots of people will get us to this
target. See the Climate Camp website to donate to this appeal. For now
you can send cheques or bank transfers - please follow the instructions to
mark the payment 'legal appeal' so the finance people know what it is for.

4) The LEGAL PROCESS - update
You can still complain to the IPCC (but it will get referred to the Met
and then is likely to be about Direction and Control which they don't have
to investigate so don't). However we are told the HMIC may be interested
in hearing about your experiences for their review of the G20 policing:
The Review Team, Ashley House, 2 Monck Street, London SW1P 2BQ, Tel:
0207-035-2182, Email: thereviewteam@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk.

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