23 Aug 2011

Blood on the margarine?

Unilever has a problem: For many of its products, the company buys palm oil from one of the most ruthless producers in Indonesia, Wilmar International.

The world’s largest multinational palm oil company is notorious for illegal logging and severe human rights violations. Now, one of its subsidiaries has once again resorted to violence on the Indonesian island of Sumatra: The Brimob, a special operations force unit, was hired to destroy a whole village and shoot at the indigenous people.

The reason: A man had wanted to sell palm oil fruit which the company claims to own. The methods of its suppliers have been long known to Unilever. We want to remind the company of its responsibility, and we demand the palm oil in its products to be consistently replaced with native fats.

Please sign our letter of protest to Unilever: www.rainforest-rescue.org/mailalert One more request: The residents of the affected village are left with nothing, five of them still remain in prison.

We collect donations which will be used to pay for the rebuilding of their homes, for legal fees, for the victims’ medical care and to support the protest campaigns in the provincial capital of Jambi, Sumatra. https://www.rainforest-rescue.org/donationalert/81/indonesia-victims-of-palm-oil-need-our-help Thank you for your support.

Yours sincerely, Christiane Zander

Rettet den Regenwald e. V. Hamburg, Germany+49 40 4103804

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