7 Aug 2011

Comment on riots and policing in Tottenham

Rangjan has left a new comment on your post "Nick Clegg 'I predict a riot' silent over Tottenha...":

An alleged gangster was shot dead by police during an operation to arrest him. Police say they fired back, after the gangster shot at them. A witness claims to have seen the young man being shot while held down on the pavement. Either way the police operation, that went wrong which ever way you look at it, is now being investigated by the IPCC.
Last night 300 members of the public marched to the police station to complain. There were further reports that police brutality at the protest (against a 16 year old woman) triggered the riots that followed.
What I would like to see is police training in how to deal with angry people that doesn't involve violence but involves empathy and listening and acknowledging grievances (whether the police think the grievances are real or imagined is not relevant).

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