8 Nov 2011

So if capitalism doesn't work what do you suggest instead!

Great to speak at Occupy London on capitalism and alternatives, I argued capitalism is innately flawed but the commons provides a democratic and ecological alternatives.

 Lets not be dogmatic but lets look at how collective and ecological property rights might work.

Marx is excellent on the 'macro' how commons were destroyed and the possibility of their restoration.

Elinor Ostrom is very good on 'micro' case studies on actual commons showing where they work and where they don't.

We can have an economy the suffers human need without wrecking the environment.

SOME LINKS (incomplete but to get you started no claim to be exhaustive or any other claims in fact)

Prosperity without Growth, Economics after capitalism http://www.sd-commission.org.uk/publications.php?id=771

Marxist Internet Archive http://www.marxists.org/

Digital Library of the Commons http://dlc.dlib.indiana.edu/dlc/

Karl Marx and the Iroquois - Franklin Rosemont  http://libcom.org/library/karl-marx-iroquois-franklin-rosemont


Vince said...

Thanks for the link to AI/AN Attack the System. Here is something you and your readers might be interested in. It's an account of the English enclosures of the 1700's and early 1800's. It's a great critique of "privatization" of common village property.


Also, here's a brief explanation of the white harbor gangs of Maine. They had a system of exclusionary collectivism that closely matches my tribe's decentralized clan system. They used their harbor gangs to protect their common resource, lobster. We used our clan system to protect our common resources: salmon, wild game, mineral deposits, etc.


Derek Wall said...

Cheers Vince and thanks for your response on your blog to my comment, yes some fair points I need to think about.

Yes where I live in England all the land was effectively stolen!

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