26 Nov 2011


I have decided to support this motion to go to the next Green Party of England and Wales conference in the spring.


This conference believes that the Green Party England Wales (GPEW) shares
many positive common aims and objectives with individual Trade Unions and
the Trade Union movement as a whole in defending workers conditions and
public services.

We further recognise that the workers movement is becoming more open to our
ideas on the need to change society to one that is sustainable economically,
including the Green New Deal and our campaign for 1 million green jobs as
against that of unfettered capitalism that is so wrecking people's lives.

We note that some local parties and candidates have received positive
support from a number of trade unions including moral, practical and
financial support for our campaigns and individual candidates, but recognise
that while this is an excellent development the party could gain further
support if we were to established a dedicated Trade Union Liaison Officer in
the Green Party (GPEW) at a national level and at some point also in the

This Conference therefore agrees to the creation of an elected Trade Union
Liaison Officer on GPEX to co-ordinate the building of links with the Trade
Union movement and individual Trade Unions including working closely with
our own Green Party Trade Union Group.


Mr K said...

I fully agree.

It's quite clear the progressive left needs a clear vision for an alternative to neo liberalism.

Labour (the PLP) has still got one foot in the New Labour camp, and Ed can't quite lead them away from that poisoned well.

It is a great chance for the Greens to show that it's arguments are the right ones for an alternative economic approach, and a TU Liaison Officer would really help.

Anonymous said...

What happens when the NUM say keep coal-burning power stations open, and the GMB says more nuclear power?

Amanda said...

I second or third the motion. Surprised there wasn't already one tbh. Long overdue.

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