12 Feb 2012

Two events in Durham

Come along to the People's Bookshop to meet Derek Wall, eco socialist, writer and activist. It will be an informal gathering and a chance to quiz Derek about his latest book, 'The Rise of the Green Left' as well as discuss the future of green- left collaboration. Derek will be talking on 'Indigenous People and the Global Fight for Climate Justice' at Durham University in the evening (7.30, Elvet Riverside) and this is a not-to-be-missed be opportunity to nab him before, get a book or two signed and chew the fat with one of the foremost Green activists in the country.

I am book signing and drinking fair trade tea at the People's Bookshop, 69 Saddler Street, Durham tomorrow, 13th Feb from 4pm

And then on to Durham University to discuss 'indigenous and sustainability' with the Green Society.

Discussions may well continue in the pub after.

Catch some of you hopefully tomorrow.

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