4 Aug 2012

Shuji Imamoto Supporting Message to Derek Wall

I am running for Green Party International Coordinator, do like my facebook site here https://www.facebook.com/pages/Derek-Wall-For-International-Coordinator/200361853424749

 If you are a Green Party member please vote for me!

Shuji Imamoto
Supporting Message to Derek Wall

I made friends with Derek when we visited the autumn conference of Green Party in Lancaster, 2005.--- he personally welcomed me so much at the time. Then I knew that he was not only a leading nationwide Green thinker and theorist who had been analyzing and advocating global Green issues such as poverty, war and conflicts, violence, human abuse or dis

crimination in terms of anti-globalism and anti-capitalism, but also an international social activist, who had strongly commitment to release campaign for innocent political prisoners in Africa and Latin America.
His book “No Nonsense Guide to Green Politics”, was already translated into several international languages, including a translation into Japanese last year, where he introduced Green politics and its essential ideas in detail, not only of Europe, but also of Green movement in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Oceania.
Accordingly, I am sure there is no other appropriate person as an international coordinator of your Green Party, who not only understands and experienced worldwide Green politics or movements so much, but also has so much international connection with Green politicians and activists all over the globe. As one of international coordinators of Green politics from an Asian country, I strongly support his candidation.  

Shuji Imamoto

Founder and Research Manager
of Green Institute “ECOXIA International”
Former Committee Member of Asia Pacific Greens Network(APGN)

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