29 Aug 2012

Venezuelan Presidential election film

A group of British socialists are planning to make a film of the Venezuelan Presidential election in October.

Hugo Chavez looks is if he will win but the US government continue to try to destabalise Latin American governments and the mainstream media tend rather than looking at the real strengths and weaknesses of the left in Venezuela to follow the line of the established powers.

So alternative voices are vital

Using our video team from London, our plan is to capture the process in Venezuela, documenting as much as possible in order to spread the inspiring example of the Bolivarian Revolution far and wide.
It seems that the British corporate media (including the BBC) have pre-set plans to slander the Venezuelan people and their struggle for democracy (see link).
We aim to smash the British media blockade by bringing real news and real reporting to explain the Venezuelan process to people in Britain. Not only will we be uploading short clips and interviews as we record them across Caracas, but we will use the footage of the amazing people we meet on this journey to make a full documentary on our return.
We have experience of filming both short and long form projects through our work in Britain and we aim create a dynamic video blog, regularly updated right here, with information on our progress with the production of our documentary.

We need your help to ensure this project lifts off and becomes a success. 
Once our videos get online, we need you in our network of supporters to promote, blog, Facebook and Tweet our videos to all your friends and followers. This way we can ensure the truth is being spread about the success of the Venezuelan process, undermining the corporate media which has no time for real democracy, people power or the creation of true equality.
Knowledge is power! We demand the truth!

And do look at their previous
Cuba documentary up in full on youtube now - 

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Martin said...

"A spectre is haunting the streets of Copenhagen, and walks silently through this room -This spectre is capitalism — almost nobody wants to mention it ... Capitalism, the model of destructive development, is killing people, and threatens to put an end to the human species - They are saying in the streets: If the climate were a bank, it would have been saved already."
Hugo Chavez, UN climate Summit Copenhagen dec 2009

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