18 Jul 2014

Green Party supports demonstration to end ground war in Gaza

Derek Wall, International Coordinator of the Green Party of England and Wales, calls for all Green Party members to support saturday's national demonstration against the invasion of Gaza by Israel.

'Gaza is effectively a huge open air prison.  Civilian casualties are accelerating.  Greens always support non violent solutions and negotiations, conflict can only be ended if Palestinians are treated with justice and dignity. The bombing and ground offensive must stop.  While Greens reject violence on both sides, we are also aware of the vast imbalance between the two sides and the fact that the media and most British political parties fail to defend Palestine's peoples'.

The Green Party has today called for an immediate end of the Israeli attack on Gaza, and for the British government to apply all possible pressure to achieve that end.
Natalie Bennett, Green Party leader, said: “With the death toll in Gaza soaring past 250, with many of them civilians, including many children, we need strong international pressure to stop this violence.
“Israel’s actions extend very far beyond any reasonable response to the Hamas rocket attacks.
“Killing hundreds of innocent civilians will worsen Israel’s security, not strengthen it.
“An immediate ceasefire is essential, and it must be responsibility of all states and political actors in the region to stop this cycle of outbreaks of conflict.”

More here from Green Party official statement.

Gaza National Demonstration
Stop the Killing • Stop the Bombing
19 July 2014 • Assemble 12 Noon
Downing Street London • March to Israeli Embassy 


More details here.


Green Party statement on Gaza  here

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