18 Aug 2014

Global Greens 'Write to us about your climate actions and we’ll make sure Greens everywhere see your work'

Dear Global Greens,
Today’s a big day. Today is the day that the Global Greens are launching our first campaign - and we want to hear from you!
Global warming affects everyone. From government and the grassroots, Green parties everywhere are leading the campaign for urgent solutions to climate change.
So many of us have had big successes and learned big lessons - so it’s time to bring together all of our hard work, and make it even bigger.
That’s why the two of us - Keli from Taiwan and Josh from Australia - are here to help you and your Green Party show your action on climate change to a global audience.
Are you taking action on climate change? Protesting to stop dangerous coal, gas or nuclear projects? Planning a community solar project? Pushing for political change?
We want to hear about it. Write to us about your climate actions and we’ll make sure Greens everywhere see your work: ggclimatecampaign@gmail.com
Send us photos, videos, stories - the lot! And please write to us in your language - we will be conducting the campaign in many languages, not just English.
That’s the first part of this campaign: sharing your actions with Greens around the world, so we can inspire each other. Next, we’ll act together at big climate events this year.
The Green movement will be central at the worldwide People’s Mobilisation in September, the G20 meeting in November and the UN Climate Conference in Lima in December - just for starters. And we’ll be helping you be heard at these global events.
To get started, write to us today with your climate plans, and let us know what you want from the Global Greens’ climate campaign: ggclimatecampaign@gmail.com
This campaign is your campaign. Tell us how we can help you!
Green wishes,
Keli Yen & Josh Wyndham-Kidd, Global Greens Climate Organisers
P.S. If you have any questions at all about the campaign, please get in touch. We’re always here to answer them. You can write to us at ggclimatecampaign@gmail.com.

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