17 Jan 2015

The HomeBrew Industrial Revolution

The US anarchist economist Kevin Carson has built on insights from many anarchist thinkers and radicals including Kropotkin and Ivan Illich to develop a sophisticated account of a decentralized open source alternative. He sees capitalism as state capitalism, with firms using the state to create market barriers such as patents to artificially raise their profits. Capitalism leads, he notes to over accumulation, and neoliberalism involves the state picking up the bill for such over investment. Carson's practical anarchism is based on his concept of The HomeBrew Industrial Revolution, utilizing decentralized and open source alternatives we can three D print, brew and build local community production.  Carson's work cannot be captured or critiqued in a couple of paragraphs but it points to an economics beyond the corporation and the state which can be implemented and advanced to create an alternative.  His work is on line and free, so those interested can study in more detail here https://homebrewindustrialrevolution.wordpress.com/

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