5 Mar 2015

Green Party conference: Trade Union meeting

Dear GPTU members,

Come and join our session on Sunday morning - meet other trade unionists and help to build the GPTU network in the party. We value your contribution whether you can share your experience, ask questions or propose actions for further training.

Our session is called A Beginner's Guide to trade union activism - but we will also discuss how to build relationships between your local party and local trade union branches and Trades Councils.

SUNDAY MORNING      09.00-10.15    ROOM 11 C

Getting Active in your workplace: A Beginner's Guide to trade union activism (members only) 

CHAIR Romayne Phoenix, GPEX Green Party Trade Union Liaison Officer 
Clara Paillard PCS, Sue Tibbles GPTU,Thom French YG, Tony Pearce NUT, Doug Rouxel UCU + You ?

With experienced trade union officers leading this training session, sharing their knowledge and experience, learn - How to become active in your trade union; How to become a workplace trade union rep; How to learn more about your rights; Who can become a conference delegate; ask questions, join the GPTU regional network and share your experiences as we build active trade union membership in our party.

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