10 Sept 2008

The finance elves await you!

it was good was it not! looking forward to more camp fires and being frisked by the coppa s...climate camp near you...get down to the big meeting coming up.

Hey folk,

Here's this week's Newsletter. Just a quick reminder first about the
Manchester Gathering from the 27th to the 28th of September. Just to
clarify that on the Friday night of the weekend gathering (the 26th) there
will be space available for the Camp '08 working groups to meet. However,
check with your working group to see if you are going to to make use of
this time and space for your debrief. The main gathering proceedings will
begin on the Saturday Morning. For full details of the gathering go to

In the next couple of days there will be a document sent out on this list
aimed at filling people in on the process to date. We hope this will be
especially useful to those new to national gatherings. Anyone can submit
agenda items, but we recommend reading this document first, and also
LATEST TO PROCESS@CLIMATECAMP.ORG.UK (otherwise we really can't put them
on the agenda!)

On with the contents for this week's newsletter:



Climate change is the biggest threat facing us, and burning coal is the
biggest historical cause of climate change. Every day more coal is burned,
yet industry and government seem intent on burning even more.

‘Leave it in the ground’ is the slogan of a new network for groups taking
action opposing new coal developments in the UK, including the 30+ planned
opencast sites and seven new coal-fired power stations. Added to those
already operating, and the coal import and transport facilities, these
projects represent a massive threat to our ability to cut greenhouse gas
emissions to safe levels, and would be a disaster for the climate as well
as for local areas.

The first ‘Leave it in the ground’ meeting will be held at the Yard
Theatre, 41 Old Birley
Street, Hulme, Manchester M15 5RF, on 11 and 12 October.

The network plans to be a way for groups to share skills and experience in
different areas and to encourage collaboration on common goals. It is a
loose network of equals, and is not affiliated to any political party or

The proposed agenda for this meeting includes:

Saturday 11th

Introduction to the UK coal industry
Updates on opposition to coal developments in the UK, including the
campaigns against the Ffos-y-Fran (near Merthyr Tydfil) and Lodge House
(Derbyshire) opencast sites, the 2008 Climate Camp and the proposed
Kingsnorth coal-fired power station blockade.
Discussing climate change solutions, including the importance of a
socially just transition to a low-carbon economy.
Thinking about how our network will function, its decision-making
structure, name and communications
Planning initial events and strategy for the network
Regional networking between groups


Media training
Introduction to direct action planning
Further discussions on climate change, climate justice and international

If you can only make one day of the meeting, please try to come on
Saturday. We will aim to start at 10:00 and to finish by 18:00 to allow
for travel. The meeting will free, lunch and evening meal on Saturday and
lunch on Sunday will be available for donations.

If you would like to attend, please register by emailing
info@leaveitintheground.org.uk, with ‘meeting’ in the subject line,
stating how many of your group wish to attend, any special dietary or
access requirements and whether you want accommodation for Saturday night.
Free accommodation will probably be ‘crashpad’ only, but we can provide
details of nearby hotels etc.

For those travelling from far off, we will operate a ‘pool fare’ system to
even out the costs of travel. The venue is about ten minutes walk from
Manchester Oxford Road station, and is served by number 54 and 86 buses,
with many others serving the nearby Stretford road. More details on the
GMPTE website.



This week's legal update is attached as a word document, but please do
take the time to read as it might be YOU who is best placed to help the
legal team. Either as a witness or in a practical task.

Just to highlight one specific task the legal team are looking for a
volunteer for: they need someone to hire and drive a 7.5tonne van from
Kent to Manchester, collecting seized equipment and taking it to the
National Gathering. Climate Camp has the funds to pay for the journey. If
you are able to do this, or think you might be able to, please email



The Northwesterly Neighbourhood debrief will be on Tues Sept 16 at Jabez
Clegg, Manchester, 8:15pm - 9ish, NOT on Sept 18 as was previously
advertised... however on Sept 18 there will be a Manchester Climate Action
get-together evening to which all are invited, and more info is at:



International meeting to begin mobilizing for the COP15 Summit, Sept
10-12 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Info: http://klimax2009.org/?p=67



Hello all

The finance team are trying to tidy up all of the many remaining loose
ends so that we can present an up to date and accurate finance report to
the Manchester gathering (27-28 September).

If your working group still has outstanding expenses to claim back then
you MUST submit a payment request BEFORE FRIDAY 19TH SEPTEMBER.

Please remember that all expenses need to have a receipt / invoice and
must form part of a working group budget.

Best wishes
The finance elves

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Rob Windstrel Watson said...

I wonder whether it would be worth promoting a buying strike on all non-electric new cars.

Since we are all struggling to keep our heads above the recessionary tsunami, it wouldn't cause many people much pain.

But it could incentivise the international car companies and motivate them to get a move on developing electric options and give up the large sums of money they have invested in fossilised fuel technology that is so harmful to our climate.

All I hear is talk about talk from the Government and green NGOs.

Or am I just getting bad tempered and grouchy in my old age?

When Keir Starmer was a Marxist.

Canvassing in Brighton back in 2017 to support Green Party MP Caroline Lucas’s re-election efforts, I knocked on a door and came acros...