1 Sept 2008

Sarah Palin strangles bears

Sarah Palin may not kill with her bare hands but she is no friend of wildlife. John McCain's potential VP and governor of Alaska has campaigned to allow aerial shooting of the grizzlys and is a friend of big oil.

In fact McCain with his belief that climate change exists and evolution rather than a six busy days on the part of God explains the existence of wildlife, is seen as a dangerous radical by main Republicans.

Sarah Palin has consistently argued for more oil exploitation in Alaska.

She is anti-choice on abortion, pro the usual guns blazing foreign policy and a creationist.


merrick said...

A pro-life gun advocate. That oxymoron on its own should be enough to discount her from the right to operate anything more complicated than a toaster, let alone be vice-president of a country.

Perhaps being a dimwit regressive climate denier is just what the Democrats need to open up some real space between the parties and make the election worthwhile.

GDAEman said...

Grrrr... and she field-dresses moose according to one of her fans.

Welcome to OOIBC.

On a personal note, my niece is studying for a few months in London. Maybe you could drop by her "London blog," say a green hello and teach us all a new English english word.

Say "Uncle Jim" sent you.


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