12 Sept 2008

Neo-cons plot coups in Bolivia and Venezuela

Well Sarah Palin may not have her hands quite on foreign policy yet but the neo-cons are looking to recreate US power in Latin America.

Remember Peru, Bolivia, Cuba, Chile, etc...are there to benefit the US, not their own citizens. The US neo-cons, distracted by the Middle East, are now hovering like birds of prey ready to attack.

My friend Hugo Blanco on behalf of the editorial board of 'Indigenous Fight' newspaper has put out an urgent appeal for solidarity with Bolivia, the right having lost the recent referendum which places Bolivia on a pro-indigenous and socialist party, are taking to the streets to attack the government. The US strategy is to support independence from Bolivia for the more western and wealthier regions. Government by and for the majority of indigenous people is not something supported by the CIA.

Also a Coup Plot Against Chavez has been disclosed on Venezuelan TV. The US Ambassador to Caracas has been expelled and Chavez has spoken out in not uncertain terms about the US empire.

Clearly the foreign policy of George Bush's neo-con controllers is going to continue...the US wants cheap oil from Venezuela, cheap metals from countries like Peru and Bolivia.

Ordinary Latin Americans, particularly the indigenous, stand in the way of the US SUV led economy.

- On Wednesday night
Mario Silva, on the program "La Hojilla" (The Razorblade) showed a
recording from an unidentified source in which various military personnel,
some retired and some active, were planning a coup against Venezuelan
president Hugo Chavez.

The coup plan aimed to take the Miraflores Palace, the headquarters of the
government and the president's office.

Among the participants in the recording were vice admiral Carlos Alberto
Millan Millan, who was also inspector general of the National Armed
Forces, general of the National Guard Wilfredo Barroso Herrera, brigade
general of Aviation, and Eduardo Baez Torrealba, who was involved in the
April 2002 coup attempt.

In what was the possibly the last episode of "La Hojilla," a clip was
shown with a recording of various phone conversations where the speakers
reveal a series of movements and people who are "with them" inside various
organizations and available to assist with the plan.

Herrera is heard saying, "Here there is only one objective: we're going to
take the Miraflores Palace, we're going to take the TV
installations...that is all effort towards where the man is. If he's in
Miraflores, the effort goes towards there." Then he assures that he has
someone who knows all the details of Miraflores, "that is the sergeant
Brito Lombardero, and he's with us."


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