13 Sept 2008

Ken at Green Party conference

Still finding time to blog about last weekends Green Party conference, Ken was one of the stars of the show. He shared a platform with Darren Johnson and even toyed with going for Mayor in 2012 as a Green.

He spoke pessimistically, far more pessimistically than anyone else at conference, about climate changing arguing we may have already reached tipping point. He stated that what was important was winning political change, stating he was 'promiscious' in his choice of political vehicle. He has had a long on off relationship with the Greens since the late 1980s when he would invite us around to play on his treasury model of the UK economy.

He was expansive about the rise of China and decline of US hegemony especially economic.

I quizzed him about greening Caracas, the city needs a make over and congestion is a huge issue, he was not as specific as I would have liked but focussed on housing, the barrios climbing up the hillsides are at huge risk from climate change, a mud slide some years back killed 20,000 people.

Ken, politician that he is adapts for audience...there is a different tone I feel in this interview with 21st century socialism...I looking far to the second part.

Ken has many faults but don't we all, he is prepared to think outside the party political box and is certainly a more imaginative politician than 99% of the rest in the UK.

He was very clear on how Boris by ditching the £25 charge for SUVs and closing down the Venezuela deal has lost the city £millions...but guess what Bozzo is blaming Ken for the fares increase on london transport.

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