1 Sept 2008

Ramadan is green!

Well very happy to paste this up from my friends at LINE, one of the things that has encouraged me most in the last few years, along with Latin American stuff, the advance of ecosocialism...has been learning more about Islam, the various ecoIslam groups do a lot of excellent work.

And I have taken this graphic from a nice green Islam blog I found on the blog-o-sphere.

By the way there have been some very nice articles in the Economist on cool Islam (annoyingly you need a subscription), if this is new to you have a look here at some green islam background.


You are invited to take part!!
(on behalf of St Ethelburga's Centre for Reconciliation and Peace & LINE (London Islamic Network for the Environment)):

Fast for the Planet is an exciting concept* that is open to all. It connects with the use of fasting by key figures in human history who have been catalysts for large scale social change, and aims to facilitate human transformation towards a harmonious relationship with the natural order. It is thus informed by the recognition that solutions to the environmental crisis ultimately depend on human and societal transformation.

"No true effort is in vain. Look at the fields over there. The grain sown therein has to remain in the earth for a certain time, then it sprouts, and in due time yields hundreds of its kind. The same is the case with every effort in a good cause." Abdul Ghaffar Khan an activist who raised history's first "non-violent army.

For more info on Fast for the Planet, visit www.fastfortheplanet.net
Receive updates: To receive Fast for the Planet updates visit: http://www.fastfortheplanet.net/Contact/contact.htm
Publicise: To publicise Fast for the Planet on your website, visit the 'participate' page of the website, which also includes a short blurb you can use.

*Please note that although there is a main event on Sunday Oct 19th, Fast for the Planet is essentially a concept. The concept embodies values that will be exercised before and beyond any one event.

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