16 Feb 2009

Can Mick Dooley kill the dinosaur?

I would give you a link to Mick's website but he has been banned from setting one up, no idea as to his green credentials but Alan Ritchie looks like a New Labour stooge.

A wave of more radical union activists are place to take control but the right are fighting them as Socialist Unity blog reveals

The majority of UCATT members work for local councils, where they have perhaps 40000 members nationwide, with a further 20000 in the NHS, prisons, dockyards, and other sites. But in recent years the union has put very little effort into organising the private sector.

The construction industry is now entering a deep crisis, but UCATT are gripped by apathy and inertia. Their idea of campaigning is for full time officers to send postcards to MPs!

The forthcoming General Secretary election is therefore vital; there are only two candidates, the incumbent Alan Ritchie, and a left challenger, Michael (Mick) Dooley, who is an official in London region. Scandalously, Mick Dooley has been banned from speaking to the press, or contacting branches to promote his candidacy, while of course Ritchie has no restrictions on him – as he is the current Gen Sec.

I understand, one press release was sent out by a supporter that mentioned Mick Dooley’s candidacy, and Mick is now on a formal disciplinary for it. He has even been barred from setting up a web-site to promote his candidacy.

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dooey said...

mick Dooley here reny on my green credentials, I do not have any but I am willing to listen and to learn. There is some who may say that building and construction are contrary to maintaianing a green enviromental policy but there must be a way round it and a point where a balance can be struck. Any ideas I would be interested regardless of the General Secretary election Cheers Dooley

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