15 Feb 2009

Update from Jerry Hicks!

got this 2mins ago...go Jerry go, really exciting candidate, can he win? We shall see, from an ecosocialist point of view I feel his campaign has really moved things on with his support for green trade unionism and opposition to fat cat union bosses...I know lots of people I know in amicus will be supporting him.

From Jerry Hicks: Election of amicus General Secretary (Please forward to whom ever you consider would have an interest). On the eve of the election that had to be forced to allow a democratic choice.

The ballot for the election begins tomorrow 16th February. Over a million ballot papers will drop through the letter boxes and land on a million mats. There have been many twists and turns since the challenged was launched against Derek Simpsons right to remain in office for 8 years without holding an election way back in May of last year.

Firstly it was said that we were not going to be successful in the challenge. But we were.

Then we were not going to secure enough nominations to appaer on the ballot paper. But we did.

Now it is said that we won't win. But what do they know!

One last big final push between now and the 6th March could see 'history in the making'.

A democratic, member led, member controlled, fighting union with high ambitions and its feet firmly on the ground. Brining together the hope and anger, equal and in unity.

Can I take this opportunity to thank everyone for all that has been done so far. The generous donations that meant we could produce the campaign leaflets and flyers, to post out across the country and has enabled me to travel far and wide to meet so many inspirational people attend meetings, rallies, demonstrations, talk to reps, committees and branches.

Tomorrow (Monday) I set off again having been home for 24hrs time enough to grab a clean set of clothes.

'Expect the unexpected' keep on keeping on, Kind regards Jerry.

Also keep an eye on the web site: www.jerryhicks4gs.com

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