2 Feb 2009

Useless Irish Green Party cut 300 buses

Dublin Bus drivers are due to stage a two-hour protest outside the Green Party Head office in Suffolk Street in Dublin this morning.

The action - due to begin at 11am - is not expected to disrupt bus services.

The demonstration is being held to highlight what organisers say is the Green Party's silence over the removal of over 300 buses from the fleets of Dublin Bus and Bus Éireann

Just because it is called a 'Green Party' does not actually mean it is a Green Party, Viva Cynthia McKinney and real greens everywhere, the Irish experience is pretty depressing...in power with no power but obviously some salaries.

The Porketeriat of Fianna Fail need to be challenged not supported in government.


James Mackenzie said...

Have you asked for a view from the Irish Greens? If not, think about how you would feel if Greens abroad attacked us on someone else's word.

Anonymous said...


You have very little understanding of Irish Politics if you think the Green Party has cut 300 buses!

The Green Party does not control the Transport Ministry, Fianna Fail does. Fianna Fail cut the buses not the Greens.

You really need to read up more on these things from your Green neighboars rather than believe the words of our oppostion.


An official National Poll was published on monday and despite all the attacks, like yours calling us "useless", are support in the polls has almost doubled:

The Irish Greens are implementing real change in the Irish Govt.

John Gormley and Eamonn Ryan are the best Environment and Energy Minisers Ireland has had in a long long time.

They have implemented more change in 18 months than 25 years in opposition.

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